Open Broadcaster Software 0.471 Beta - 2013-02-17

Latest Version: 0.471 Beta
Febuary 17th, 2013

  • Added gamma options to software capture and game capture
  • Made it so game capture 64bit works with 32bit games and vise versa without having to switch between versions
  • Updated x264 dll to the "stable" x264 branch build rather than the latest development master branch, which should hopefully fix the crashes people have been having with it
  • Fixed a crash that could happen while mp4s are building
  • Fixed a bug with new sources being created at the back of the scene instead of the front
  • Fixed a bug where the checkboxes in the sources box wouldn't always show up in windows 7 classic theme
  • Fixed a bug with the UYV chroma key shader
  • Fixed a bug where sources would still be active even when disabled
  • Fixed a few bugs with text
  • Made is so that the scene is periodically saved, can also be saved in the file menu, loading/saving/exporting/importing will probably be added in the future
Open Broadcaster Software
  • ソフトウェアキャプチャにガンマ補正機能を追加
  • 「ゲームキャプチャ」にて,OBS32ビット版は32ビット動作アプリケーションの,64ビット版は64ビット動作アプリケーションのウインドウのみを参照できる.これを,OBSの版を問わず,あらゆるウインドウを参照できるようにした
  • x264を最新開発版よりも安定的なブランチビルドに変えた
  • バグ修正
  • シーン設定の保存機能を設けた.将来的には,読み込み/保存/エキスポート/インポート機能を追加する