Open Broadcaster Software 0.47 Alpha - 2013-02-04

Open Broadcaster Software

2013年1月4日リリースの0.466 Alphaから同年2月4日リリースの0.47 Alphaに更新した.ソフト起動時に最新版を確認するらしく,確認を求めるダイアログが表示された.了解すると,自動的にファイルが更新された.

  • Added "low latency mode" which reduces ping issues with multiplayer games and other network applications (coded by r1ch)
  • Fixed some more issues with mic/audio timing and sync
  • Added an option "Force audio to sync to video time" in advanced settings (just in case there are still any lingering sync issues for anyone)
  • Added an option in advanced to adjust all audio time
  • Added checkboxes to the sources box so that sources can be disabled while streaming (coded by Bill Hamilton)
  • Inverted the source list so that sources that are top most are actually at the top and so forth
  • Fixed some more issues with MP4s and improved their compatibility with many editing programs
  • Added an option for CFR (constant framerate encoding) in advanced for more compatibility with editing programs
  • Added an option to select the desktop sound device (coded by Resonant)
  • Removed the "timestamp" crash and improved compatibility with VAC and many headphones which were having problems
  • Changed the "sub-region" selection window so that it's partly transparent (fixed by HomeWorld)
  • Made numerous changes to the text output, you may need to adjust your text settings or reset the size (coded by HomeWorld)
  • Added the command line option -multi to allow multiple instances of the app to be opened at the same time
  • Added a "profiles" menu to quickly switch between multiple profiles
  • Added support for Elgato capture cards (many thanks to the Elgato team)
  • ソースのオンオフを切り替えるチェックボックスが設けられた
  • メニューバーからプロファイルを変更できるようになった


さてxbox配信においては,AmaRecTV「ライブ機能」による出力「Amareco Video Capture」を利用している.これがOBSのデバイスリストに載らず,焦った.64ビット版OBSだと利用できず,32ビット版OBSで利用可能と分かった.今後は32ビット版を常用したい.